Our company

Value statement : – Exceeding expectations - Meeting learning needs -keeping connected.

@ Maximum Impact Events

We do both event planning and management for all events exceeding expectations each and every day. We specialize in creating innovative, sophisticated and cutting edge events and also organize training seminars and workshops. Our rich understanding & knowledge of different kinds of events enables us to create amazing and memorable events.

We strategize, conceptualize, design and develop all the concepts to produce extra ordinary results.
We plan and produce corporate events/picnics, conferences, product launches, concerts, social gathering, private dinners, galas and fundraiser, weddings and birthday parties.

Our passion for party planning, serving others and creating wonderful celebrations with excellence, drives every aspect of our business, from our unique ability to build upon your creative vision through innovative event concepts, to producing galas that create positive energy and a unique connection between you and your guests and the impact is great.

We listen carefully and with our expertise we identify your goals and passions and craft an event that will always bring vision to life in the way that surpasses all expectations.
We believe that events are stories waiting to be told, and like master storytellers, we create experiences that allow your story to unfold in unexpected and memorable ways.
We ensure that each event is given maximum attention to details,the professionalism it deserves and thoughtfully produced to create a life long lasting impression.

Our commitment……….. Is to bring your visions to life.
We have the event planning experience, knowledge and passion to make your special event the best it can be. Through our expertise, we have come to know that turning our clients to a creative partner is the most effective way to reach our special events goals. We appreciate the fact that it is not just what you say, but how you say it—not just what you do, but how well you do it.

With the eye of art, color and style, we have a reputation of producing unforgettable parties and events.
We at MIE always come up with 
 fresh ideas which we implement through a creative design process that adheres strictly to your taste, while providing a friendly staff and superior management for your innovative events.

From the moment of inception until the last chair is packed away, our team of professionals will manage every detail of your event. MIE will help you seamlessly integrate your creative vision, including cultural traditions and corporate demands to produce an AMAZING event your guests will never forget.